Amber has been competing professionally in Women’s Skimboarding since 2014. After migrating to the west coast of Southern California to strengthen her career in 2015, she went on to clinch the 2016 Vic Women’s World Champion of Skimboarding, and has been traveling the world competing on the Official UST and Mexico Skim Tour.


When not on a board, Amber works as a producer, director, editor and videographer of all her own media and client projects. Amber has self taught and grown her team in producing digital content over the last few years in many social, commercial, and travel productions. Now working with brands like Red Bull, Vayner Media, and Adobe, Amber has been working to constantly perfect her craft.

Education and Creative Background

2011. University of Central Florida. BS – Marketing, Digital Media

Amber’s past work and college background in Florida included running her own business in marketing, production and creative design for growing and establishing company images in Central Florida. She has worked 3 years as a social media manager and head of digital design for action sports companies, and has since then worked with several other brands and her sponsors alike in the growth of their image and creative content. 

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