Amber Torrealba | About
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Amber has been competing professionally in Women’s Skimboarding since 2014. After migrating to the west coast of Southern California to further pursue her career in 2015, she went on to clinch the 2016 and 2018 Vic Women’s World Champion of Skimboarding, and has been traveling the world giving back and competing on the Official UST and Mexico Skim Tour.


When not on a board, Amber works as a producer, director, editor and videographer of all her own media and client projects. Amber has self taught and grown her team in producing digital content over the last few years in many social, commercial, and travel productions. Now working with brands like Red Bull, Vayner Media, and Adobe, Amber has been working to constantly perfect her craft.

B.S – Marketing, Digital Media. 2011

Amber owned and operated businesses in marketing and production after college, that focused on growing and establishing companies in Florida. She also owned a skateboard company her first year out of high school, TRU Skateboards, with sponsored team, merchandise, and decks back in 2008. While growing her freelancing career, Amber worked 7 years for Radioshack Corp. with almost 5 of those years as general manager of a million-dollar store front.  She has worked 4 years in social media management and been a head of digital design for growing action sports companies. Amber has worked with several other Fortune 500 brands and sponsors in influencer, commercial, and consultation for social and digital marketing.